Lavandula officinalis + Lavandula angustifolia: Named for its official medical use and narrow leaf, of the 38+ lavender species, this one one is prized for its rich fragrance. A scent that calms and eases the mind. Cultivated in France without pesticides or chemical fertilizers our lavender oils are steam distilled for safe aromatherapy.

All LITE+CYCLE pillar candles are 100% conceived from plants. Non-GMO vegetable wax + cotton wick + essential oils. That’s it. Strike it up. Burn Good. 40 hours burn time.

CARE + BURNING: Always burn your pillar candle in a dish and preferably for no more than 3 hours at a time – to maintain longevity. Plentiful with essential oils, natural spots may appear on outer paper-wrap from time to time. To best preserve the packaging and avoid any melting store out of direct sun and heat.

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